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Meet Lisa

My name is Lisa Strzoda (The "z" is silent, I knew you were wondering how to say it!) and I'm an AFPA Holistic Nutritionist, owner of LS Wellness, LLC and Wellness Director of LIVEFIT WITH LUPUS.

I've learned to live a more active and vibrant life all the while living with three autoimmune diseases. I became passionate about my work when I began healing myself with whole food nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes and I can help you do the same.

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1:1 Coaching, A Taste of Success

During your 4 week program you will learn to identify symptom triggers and how to implement a food plan and various lifestyle changes.

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1:1 Coaching, Go from Surviving to Thriving

My 3 month program "Go from Surviving to Thriving" is the first step on this journey to regain your health.

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Purge and Purchase

(for Quad Cities Area residents only)

What should you have in your kitchen to make preparing meals easier? What do you have to get rid of to help you stay on the road to success? What can be better than having help purging your kitchen cabinets and fridge with someone who will guide you through the process and then will teach you how to shop?

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Ask a Question

What does it mean to heal?

What is healing? Does healing mean being cured or the absence of disease? Does it mean to be a percentage point better than yesterday? 

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