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Coronavirus Soup

Grab a pot and put in equal parts of boredom, confusion, uncertainty, and stir it with the spoon of anxiety. What do you get? A rotten, foul-smelling concoction called despair. Let’s add friendship, generosity, clarity, and positivity in double amounts. Add a dash of love, and this time we’ll stir it with the spoon of faith. Let it simmer for 14 days and stir twice a day. We should work out a schedule to take turns to stir the pot. What is that aroma you smell now? Hope. 

I think after fourteen days of self seclusion that it will turn out this way: we as a nation/world will have time to reflect, find our strength, and come together. It’s almost as if the Universe or God hit the “Start Over” button. We might have to do this longer than expected. What comes out of despair and devastation? Innovation. We have been through this before. Pharmaceutical companies saw how a new drug, Penicillin, fought bacteria and started to mass-produce it during World War II to get it to the troops. Women, such as my grandmother, worked in factories while the men were off fighting, and did the jobs that men normally had done. Rosie the Riveter was born and the world found out that a woman could do the job as well as a man.

Opportunities are happening in this world if you know where to look. For example, there is a house of healing in Davenport, Argrow’s House, that serves women healing from violence and abuse through domestic violence support groups, spiritual direction, therapeutic arts, yoga, and more. The women are empowered financially and paid a living wage by making natural bath and body products. What opportunity did Argrow’s House see in this quarantine? We are told that to keep the Coronavirus at bay that we should wash our hands frequently. We are going to be using considerably more soap and that can get pricy. Certain varieties of Argrow’s House natural soups are now 40% off. This achieves two things: it helps us keep our expenses down and it helps Argrow’s House sell more products to provide income and security for the women. 

I’m looking forward to seeing what emerges from this time of trial and sacrifice. Our creativity can blossom during this time as long as we keep looking forward and staying positive and don’t forget to stir the soup.

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Stay safe, healthy, and keep the faith!


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