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Making Good Choices

You may have seen the viral video of Katelyn Ohashi’s recent floor routine where she received a perfect score. A few years ago, she almost quit gymnastics due to injuries and her lack of enthusiasm for the sport. She decided to drop down from the elite level to heal and have a shot at a collegiate career. Her decision paid off. Katelyn found Miss Val, coach of the UCLA women’s gymnastics team who rekindled her joy and love for the sport. 

Miss Val gives her team the “Circle of Life” talk. She explains how one decision can have a domino effect -good or bad - on your training, your studies, your grades and your performance in your sport and life. She also stresses to them that each brings specific talents and gifts to the team and that’s what makes the team work. 

Katelyn grew close to her coach and credits her with not only finding joy in her sport but the happiness she feels with being herself.

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