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The Girl and the Butterfly

Leo Buscaglia in the forward of his book Loving Each Other published first in the early 1980s tells the fable of a young girl who is walking though a meadow when she sees a butterfly impaled upon a thorn. Very carefully she releases it and the butterfly starts to fly away. Then it comes back and changes into a beautiful good fairy.

“For your kindness,” she tells the little girl, “I will grant you your fondest wish.”

The little girl thinks for a moment and replies, “I want to be happy.” The fairy leans forward and whispers in her ear and then suddenly vanishes.

As the girl grew, no one in the land was happier than she. Whenever anyone asked her for the secret of happiness, she would only smile and say, “I listened to a good fairy.”

As she grew quite old, the neighbors were afraid the fabulous secret might die with her. “Tell us, please,” they begged, “tell us what the fairy said.” The now lovely old lady simply smiled and said, “She told me that everyone, no matter how secure they seemed, had need of me.”

We all need each other.

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