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Don't deny your grief

Practice the pause. Think for a brief minute what is going on around you. Is it what it seems? Pause. - “The Love Adventure”

This quote from “The Love Adventure” reminds us to pause because we are usually in the whirlwind of life. Now the whole world is in a pause. That is remarkable when you think about it. There aren’t many things that could affect the whole world this way. Everyone is at a standstill. It is as if God put his thumb on the earth and stopped its rotation. 

What have you been experiencing during this pause? I have so many observations I want to write about. During the first two weeks of this universal pause aka quarantine, I felt relief. We were doing something constructive yet uncomfortable to slow this virus. It was a novel way of living but it was only for a couple weeks. I could wrap my head around this.

We just finished week three and the newness has worn off. The quarantine has been extended for a month and in some places until the beginning of June. This is something I am having difficulty wrapping my head around. When I saw this on the news I started to cry. I haven’t seen my parents in almost a month. I’m used to hopping in the car and driving for 3 hours and visiting them for a weekend. It isn’t the fact that I can’t do that anymore that bothers me; I could live a few blocks from them and still wouldn’t be allowed to visit them. It’s the not knowing WHEN I’ll see them again. That is difficult. I didn’t think that the last time I saw them would be the last time I’d see them for a long time. Thank goodness we have the technology and can video chat with friends and family anywhere in the world. That comforts me at this time. What if we didn’t have the internet? We couldn’t work from home and we couldn’t keep in touch with others in an instant. Let’s think about that. We would be making many phone calls, sending cards and letters and more people would be out of work than there are currently. 

Uncertainty, fear, and grief have settled in now. They are starting to seep into my bones. I counter it with music, writing, prayer and knowing that God is still with us even during this erratic time. I also don’t deny that these feelings exist. They don’t come in waves, they’re more like ripples. I think about them, talk to them and sit with them. I acknowledge them and see how they play a part in my life now. They have helped me focus on what I love, want, and need in my life. I grieve for the life I had and wonder during this time of collective introspective consciousness; how we will sort out what matters and bring these things into our new lifestyle when this quarantine begins to lift. This is going to be a long, slow, arduous journey for the world but one of discovery and renewal after we break free of our cocoon of grief. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep the faith!


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