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What Happened to Her?

I was going through a box and came upon pictures for a photo shoot I did for my demo tape J-card in 1991. I felt like I went back in time while looking at them. I remembered who I was all those years ago.

This girl had dreams. She had goals. She had confidence. She had wanted more than what her mother and grandmother had. She had come out of an abusive relationship and was in a loving one.   She wasn’t going to let anyone tell her what to do.

So what happened?

She ended up in another abusive relationship. She listened to those harsh words: that she was too sick to amount to anything, lazy, not pretty enough, stupid, and believed them. She didn’t leave because she was taught that marriage was forever and divorce can harm your children. One day she got so sick that she knew she had to break it off in order to get better. Three and four people don’t make a marriage when it is supposed to be made for two.

So what happened?

She got divorced and raised two children into thriving, whole, compassionate (ok, maybe not the one with autism) and kind-hearted adults. She has dreams. She has goals. She has her confidence back and…she isn’t going to let anyone tell her what to do.

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