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What is Scarier? Failure or Success?

Failure or success? What is scarier to you? I am so used to hearing that I should get up, move forward, trust the struggle - YOU CAN DO IT! I consistently see this on FB, Insta, and all kinds of memes that I expect to fail now. At least the first few times I try something. That’s what’s supposed to happen, right? I know how to deal with failure. I’m pretty good at it. It’s expected. It’s comfortable. But what if I succeed? I have incredible, unbelievable, enormous goals. Holy shit! What if I achieved them? What if my dreams came true? What if I breathed them into reality? That - is scary. That is scarier than failing and yet it is exhilarating. If I fail I can always find a reason, an excuse or place blame on someone (not on myself, right? Wink, wink.) why my goals didn’t blossom into fruition. If I succeeded I only have one person to attribute it to - myself. I’m not saying that we don’t need others to help us get ideas off the ground, for support or be pushed sometimes.

What happens before this is that first step. We have to take it. Everything else comes after we make the decision to take that step and then do it. The responsibility begins and ends with us. With great success comes great responsibility. If I succeed what are people going to think of me? Will they think I deserve it? Will they be upset with me? Will they think I’m better than them or that I think I’m better than them? Will I think that I don’t deserve it? What if I succeed and then fail again? Will I be a laughingstock? Better to not succeed at all then? No! Success can only make us feel better about ourselves, about what we contribute to life and our families and ultimately be fulfilled. What doors will be opened if you succeeded?

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