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Why Not You?

I do my best thinking in the shower or in bed. 🤔 I recalled a conversation with an acquaintance. She was interested in losing weight and changing her lifestyle habits. She wanted to eat better but wasn’t sure if she could stick with an eating plan long-term. As we discussed this she said, “I buy organic dog food for my dog but I don’t eat organic and buy junk food for myself. I know I should eat better.” So I asked, “Why not you? Why do you put your dog first? Why don’t you think you deserve to eat the good food but the dog does?”  In my 30 day challenge we will re-define your relationship with food. Are you going to take care of your health? If not, why not? Why not you?

I’d love to see you join the LS Wellness Fit & Healthy 30 Day Jumpstart!

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