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Aaron Howard: How Yoga Helped Me Heal from a Serious Injury

Aaron Howard: How yoga helped me heal from a serious injury

1:21 Aaron talks about an injury that affected his life.

2:43 Why Aaron became a yoga instructor.

4:25 Who suggested that Aaron try yoga to facilitate healing for his injury?

6:09 How yoga helped Aaron heal.

8:32 How autoimmune disease influenced his decision to become a nurse.

11:26 Why Aaron decided to get a nursing degree.

12:03 Don’t underestimate him!

16:09 Why Aaron created his “Community Yoga” events.

20:58 Socially distant community yoga

22:19 How yoga helps with stress, loss, and the pandemic.

25:50 Why Aaron changed his business goals and going into the video production business.

31:50 What keeps an entreprenaur motivated?

32:20 What does Aaron value most about being an entreprenaur?

35:23 How important is having a supportive spouse when building a business?

36:12 Who was the driving factor in his business?

38:20 The Kindness Tour

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