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Addiction, sobriety, and the judge that saved my life: An Interview with Laura McCaughey

I chat with Mental Health Technician, Laura McCaughey about addiction, sobriety, mental health and the pandemic, and the judge that changed her life.

Show Notes

2:24 Health and Wellness journey, coming out of addiction

4:05 Being a Mental Health Technician

5:10 Why I didn’t die from addiction.

7:22 Surrendering

7:50 The judge that saved my life.

9:50 My spiritual life, people who come in and out of your life, my life calling.

11:07 Explaining the law for lay people to carry Narcan (Naloxone)

12:50 The local facility that taught me a lot

14:50 A spiritual moment in sobriety, seeing the judge that put me in jail.

15:45 My spiritual journey

19:39 Mental health and the pandemic

21:00 Mental health and tele-health

23:40 My gratitude practice

24:30 What the pandemic taught me, motherhood

33:00 What to do if you’re struggling now.

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