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Blond Ambition: An Interview with Kim Nelson

Blond Ambition: An Interview with Kim Nelson of QC Fuel

2:47 Where did Kim get the idea to start her business?

4:27 What was the QCA lacking?

5:42 Where did Kim come up with the recipes for the drinks?

8:39 What did Kim want to do ultimately?

9:00 Kim talks branding.

11:22 What type of person should work at QC Fuel?

16:14 The gluten free products at QC Fuel.

17:16 Keto friendly options

18:13 QC Fuel options

22:00 How does an entreprenaur keep motivated?

25:22 What is on the sleeves of their cups?

26:55 The QC Fuel loyalty program

28:00 Did pandemic affect your business?

32:07 How to contact Kim.

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